All repair estimates will be charged a $35 evaluation fee for device troubleshooting. This evaluation fee is absorbed into the cost of the repair if we make the repairs.

Two-Way Radio Programming Starting at $18.

Motorola Minitor Pager Programming Starting at $15.

Motorola Minitor Pager (III, IV, V) Flat-Rate Repair - $89.

Amateur Radio & Amateur Radio Accessory Repair - $35/hr.

EPROM and EEPROM Programming - Starting at $15 plus parts, if applicable.

Commercial Radio Repairs Starting at - $65/hr.

Radio Installation Starting at - $55/hr.

Duplexer Tuning Starting at - $39.95, plus shipping, if applicable.

Vehicle Outfitting (emergency & personally-owned vehicles) - Contact Us.

How We Do It


Within 7 days of receiving your device, we will evaluate and troubleshoot it. After troubleshooting, we will contact you to discuss the necessary repairs and repair cost. Repair estimates cost $35, but as long as you commit to the repair, the estimate is absorbed into the total repair cost. If you decide to not repair your device with us, you will be charged $35 to cover time and materials. If you choose not to repair, we will return your device to you in the same condition we received it after payment of the estimate fee, plus return shipping (if not already prepaid). We will work with you to help you decide if your device is worth repairing or if replacement is more economical.

Repair turn-around times average two days to seven days, but may take longer depending on parts availability and complexity of the repair. After repair, devices are tested in their operating conditions when possible to make sure the device is functioning to manufacturer's specification.


All programming requests are required to submit frequency information (e.g., channel name, RX/TX frequency, RX/TX PL/DPL, ect). Within two working days we will review your programming request. This review includes verification of proof of license or permission from licensee designee for any two-way radio intended to transmit on any frequency. To expedite this review, have this information readily available or submit it with the request and will be kept on file. Attempts at fraudulent activities will be turned over to the appropriate authorities.

NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Shipping Information

Proper packaging is very important to protect your investment during shipping. Devices can be further damaged due to inadequate packaging. When available, the best packaging is your device's original box and packaging materials. Place this box inside a larger box surrounded with packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

If you have any questions or wish to send us a device, please complete the Contact Us Form before sending us a device for service or programming. We will reply to your query as soon as possible. For repair requests, please be as complete and detailed as possible, to enable us to more accurately diagnose the problem with your device, and estimate the repair costs.